The one where Helen & Maggie went to Friendsfest

Back in August I visited the most instagrammable event of the year. FRIENDSFEST. (Could I BE any later with this review?) 

Even though Friends ended 13 years ago it still has a major cult following and the lives of Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay, Monica Geller, Ross Geller, Rachel Green and Joey Tribbiani are still continuously aired on Comedy Central.

Friendsfest, hosted by Comedy Central is an annual celebration of the show. I attended its stint at Heaton Park in Manchester. For £26 myself and Maggie got our Friends geek on and visited the apartments of Joey and Chandler & Monica and Rachel.

First off we viewed a collection of memorabilia from the show. There was a selection props including Ross’ armadillo outfit (The One With The Holiday Armadillo), The Geller Cup (The One With The Football), Ursula Buffay’s naughty VHS (The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry) and the famous white dog statue (which is insured for a ridiculous amount of money).

Next up was Joey and Chandler’s apartment. It was way better than I expected. They had captured every miniature detail from the canoe, hugsy the penguin and the famous Laurel & Hardy poster (which I ended up buying from the gift shop) to the hockey stick in the tv unit and the magna-doodle on the door.

From Joey & Chandler’s we headed into the hallway and over to Monica & Rachel’s.

oh so lovely helen

Unfortunately there was no ugly naked guy…

oh so lovely helen

Again they nailed it with details including the most iconic interior detail of the show.

oh so lovely helen

With our ticket we had an allocated time slot to visit each ‘apartment’. Before everyone crowded the set we were able to take the perfect Instagram shot of the empty apartments. After then it was a free-for all so it was hard to get any uncrowded / un-photobombed shots.

oh so lovely helen

Next stop was Central Perk…

oh so lovely helenoh so lovely helenoh so lovely helenoh so lovely helen

Again another photo opportunity and this time on the famous couch!

Finally there were a couple more photo ops and episodes to recreate….

‘The one with the prom video’

oh so lovely helen

and ‘The one in Vegas’.

oh so lovely helen

Onsite there was a gift shop and food and drink along with a stage that showed highlights of the show.

Would I suggest any improvements? Of course…. more sets, more food options, maybe some ‘not so famous’ characters but that’s just my opinion. All in all we had a great day at Friendsfest. Yes the tickets were a little steep but I’ve seen worse concerts.

This really was the ultimate Friends experience. Thank you Maggie for being my wing woman.

oh so lovely helen

You can sign up here to be notified on when next years tickets go on sale.

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