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Before I start I feel I need to add a little disclaimer – This is an #honestparenting post.

I have been a mother for one thousand and twelve days. I am no means an expert in giving parenting advice. Some days are easy, others are shit. It’s safe to say I am winging it most days. Every baby is unique and every parenting style is different. Yes I totally encourage you to read books and google till your hearts content but its your child so please do whatever suits YOU and YOUR baby. In all honesty the newborn days for me were an absolute breeze! The toddler days not so much. With that in mind here’s #myjojojourney so far. The topic is the B word. BEDTIME!


Lets rewind sixteen months to september twenty seventeen. Up to this date it had taken us eighteen months to get Sebastian into a bedtime routine. I use the term ‘routine‘ lightly, as sometimes he would fall asleep in his car seat at 5.30pm after nursery and other days it could be closer to 9.00pm.

He really hated bedtime. Like REALLY hated it. Only drifting off in our arms after protesting and constant eye poking (our eyes, not his). I thought I had a ‘routine’ in place and ticked another item off the ‘parenting to do list’. How wrong I was. Obviously as soon as I blogged about winning at bedtime I jinxed myself

We were lucky then… Sebastian was still in his cot bed, so there was absolutely no way he could get out in the early hours and be found wandering around number seven in the dark. Unlike the present day!!!

The cot bed sides are now down. This means he now has his own little bed. A bed that he’s free to get in and out of as he chooses. Free to get out of at 4.00am to secretly climb into our bed. #sigh.


Some mornings I hear the pitter-patter of feet and he face plants the bed, cuddles up against me and tells me that he loves me along with beans on toast. Other mornings I wake up at 7.00am with a foot in my face. Completely clueless as to when he set up camp in our bed.

It’s very rare that he wakes up in his own bed. He does however have a good 6/7 hours on his own so we are not completely co-sleeping all night. There will be a time when he won’t want to come in Mummy & Daddy’s bed anymore. Yes I have back ache from being curled up like a foetus in the corner of the bed and yes I occasionally wake up to the smell of sugar puffs but HEY I’M EMBRACING IT.

JoJo Maman Bébé has played such an important part in Sebastians bedtime routine. When he was born we were gifted many grows from friends and family. Safe to say they have all been stored away into the ‘maybe another baby’ pile. My JoJo Journey may not be plain sailing but hey who said Motherhood was easy.

This post is in collaboration with JoJo Maman Bébé.

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