Sebastian Loves || Kokoso Baby

Sebastian Loves || Kokoso Baby

I love coconuts…especially when they are grated & dipped in chocolate or mixed with rum! You’re probably wondering what my love for coconuts has to do with Sebastian right?…. Well as an Instagram junkie I came across an oh so lovely account called Kokoso Baby. I’m a sucker for baby skincare products – you name it and we are more than likely to have it. However we didn’t have any coconut oil in our vast collection as I didn’t know it existed as a skincare product as basically I thought it was something my husband used to cook his chicken in… (in his bid to be ‘healthy’).
The wonderful Lauren at Kokoso Baby offered to send Sebastian a pot of their ‘hero product’ along with their NEW hair & body wash to try.

Kokoso’s ‘hero product’ is a pot of the highest quality raw virgin organic fresh-pressed coconut oil and boy does it smell good! This magical multipurpose moisturiser is perfect for keeping little bottoms soft, is ideal for bedtime baby massage AND I can use to too as it works wonders as a lip balm and make up remover! Happy baby & a happy mummy.

Kokoso’s NEW hair & body wash is packed with all the goodness of the pot and just like the pot, it smells good enough to eat….and drink. (*disclaimer do attempt to eat or drink this product and more importantly do not attempt to eat your baby…no matter how good he smells).

Even though we have only been using these products for a few weeks it’s safe to say that we are fully converted and Kokoso Baby will be an essential part of Sebastian’s skincare routine.

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All items were kindly gifted to Sebastian for this review.
Further information about Kokoso Baby can be found here.

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