[AD] I may or may not be turning FORTY in five years…

FORTY! I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to see the ageing process. I found my first grey hair at twenty five and now I’m beginning to see the odd crows feet around my eyes. I’m also going to admit that I DO NOT take my makeup off after a night out (hello false eyelash on my cheek) and my facial ‘routine’ consists of a baby wipe to the face and neck.

How minging is that?!

As stated above I’m a baby-wipe-to-the-face kinda gal. This has been my life for the past two and a bit years. Lovely. Don’t get me wrong I DO OWN a variety of lotions and potions for my face and they look oh so lovely adorning my new bathroom shelf, but that’s it. I’m not blaming motherhood here… well I am BUT I have no excuse. I’d rather have an extra ten minutes in bed pressing the snooze button than cleansing, toning and moisturising the shit out of my skin. I’ve figured that as I’m not getting any younger, I really really need to sort my shit out.

Starting with my skincare routine…

*Disclaimer – I am NOT a beauty blogger / expert / guru / extraordinaire. I am however a Dermalogica® #Skinfluencer and this is my routine.

After pressing the snooze button for the 7 millionth time, I grab my morning coffee and start my day with the Dermalogica® PreCleanse. It can be used morning or night, usually morning for me and it literally melts away layers of excess sebum (oil),  environmental pollutants and last nights mascara and waterproof makeup.

Dermalogica skinfluencer

Next up I use a very small amount of Dermalogica® Special Cleansing Gel. I’m prone to really dry skin in places and i’ve found that a small 10p size amount is just right for me.

Dermalogica skinfluencer

Now its my favourite part. The Dermalogica® Microfoliant. You can use this daily but I use it around 3 times a week and just before a heavy foundation application. The fine powder is mixed with water and I gently massage the paste onto my face for around sixty seconds. My cheeks are a little red afterwards but my skin is so soft and smooth. The perfect base.

Dermalogica skinfluencer

Finally a bit of Dermalogica® Skin Smoothing Cream to infuse my poor dehydrated skin with 48 hours of continuous hydration and help protect against environmental stress.

Dermalogica skinfluencer

I have been using these products daily for around five weeks now and so far so good. I have a routine and I’m sticking to it. Not a baby wipe in sight!

If you want to follow along on my #Skinfluencer journey check out my BEAUTY highlights over on Instagram.

I am proud to be part of the The Dermalogica® Skinfluencer Programme. Items listed above were gifted for this review. 

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