When you are thinking of procrastinating and avoiding life. Watch Netflix.

When you are thinking of procrastinating and avoiding life. Watch Netflix.


When the toddler goes to bed, there’s nothing like spending the evening sprawled out on the sofa with a glass of red in hand, a leftover Christmas candle burning in the corner, Netflix on the TV and binge-watching a full season of a highly addictive box set in one sitting. It happens. We’ve all been there at one point or another. I don’t *always* watch a whole season but I do often find myself six episodes deep at 1.30 in the morning. When you have invested so much time, emotion and many nights watching a series, the last episode is always the worst. Especially when it’s a new series, its been left on the ultimate cliff hanger and won’t be aired again for another 8760 hours. Well don’t worry I’ve got a list of shows that you can become just as emotionally attached and invested in until the Spring comes…

We have Netflix built into our television which takes binge watching to a whole new level. I mean we don’t even own a DVD player anymore! Obviously I still have my beloved 15 year old Sex and the City disc box set and I’m not ready to say bye bye to that anytime soon. Being able to stream the latest shows is genius. The cool kids these days don’t know how lucky they are! Especially when you have the ability to stream at your fingertips! If you too are looking for a choice of Netflix accessible HD televisions, Panasonic has a mega selection of screens to suit every avid binge watcher. They even come with FreeView Play. #mindblown. Hey, remember when we only had 5 channels!?

On that note here’s what I’ll be binge watching through our TV on Netflix for the next few months. So grab a pen and write these down for the next time you’re thinking of procrastinating and avoiding hinching the house. #yourewelcome.

I’m not going to leave any spoilers for the below. You are all adults who are fully capable of a google search plus I haven’t even finished watching them all myself. Apart from Friends. Who on earth hasn’t seen Friends?



Stranger Things



Orange is the New Black

Ru Paul’s Drag Race


The Good Place


13 Reasons Why

The Sinner

Friends from College

Let me know how you get on and if there are any other ‘must see’ binge watching trash box sets on Netflix.

This blog post is in association with Panasonic. While this post is sponsored, all thoughts, words and opinions are, as always my own.

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