‘Oh Darling, Let’s be Adventurers’
It was 2.30am and I was woken by the sound of my iPhone alarm…. no amount of snoozing was going to change the fact that the taxi to the airport would arrive in less than a hour. Feeling sick to my stomach and cursing my mother for booking such a god damm early flight, we headed to T1 at Manchester Airport to catch our Jet2 flight to Ibiza. The only other people up at such a ridiculous hour where the usual hen and stag parties and some bloke from Love Island 2016.

Our last holiday abroad was when Sebastian was 5 months old. He was an absolute dream and slept for the entire flight to Majorca. I’m not going to lie – I was nervous as hell about getting on the plane with a 2 year old. We’ve all rolled our eyes at some point during a flight when a small child has been protesting. I needed ways to keep Sebastian entertained so after asking the gods that is Instagram, I downloaded a selection of movies on the iPad and wrapped up some toy cars and other bits from Poundland to give to him to unwrap during the flight. I needn’t have been nervous as he was an absolute dream yet again!
Our Jet2 flight to Ibiza
As were were on a Jet2 package holiday we had a coach transfer straight to our hotel. The Tres Torres in Santa Eulalia. The hotel was modern and chic and in a fabulous location, situated opposite the marina and super close to the beach and resort centre. The only downside was the food. Perfectly fine for adults but not so good for a fussy 2 year old. For 7 days he pretty much lived off pineapple, watermelon, crisps and ice cream!
Santa Eulalia MarinaSanta Eulalia Beach at Dusk168 Hours in IbizaSanta Eulalia BeachSanta Eulalia BeachSanta EulaliaSanta Eulalia BeachSanta Eulalia Beach
Along with Alex and Sebastian my parents also joined us. They helped immensely and gave us an ‘hour off’ in the afternoon to sunbath. Safe to say I left my precious tan in Ibiza…
168 hours pretty much consisted of dipping our toes in  the freezing cold sea, splashing in the hotel pool, day tripping to Ibiza Old Town and Es Cana, eating our body weight in Pizza and enjoying a Mahou or two. The resort of Santa Eulalia is perfect for families. There’s plenty of bars and restaurants and we found the most amazing burger place called Project Social.
Even though the bloody weather was warmer in the UK (typical), we had an absolute blast. The holiday blues have certainly kicked in.
Hotel Tres Torres, Santa EulaliaIbiza Old TownSanta EulaliaEs CanaSanta Eulalia BeachSanta Eulalia
It’s now time to plan our next adventure….

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