Renovating Number Seven

Renovating Number Seven

Back in 2016 whilst I was maternity leave we bought a house. After 8 years of renting, we thought that the ideal time to buy our first home would be when my only income was a measly £500 per month!  It was not just any old house. Oh no. A 1930’s semi that needed completely gutting. The walls were stained, there was an overpowering smell of nicotine, the carpets were circa 1970 and the kitchen was less than 2msq.

For the first 10 weeks of being homeowners, we lived with my parents… 4 adults and a 5-month-old baby was a bit of a tight squeeze! We finally moved into Number Seven on Christmas Eve 2016 and even then it was a further 11 months before the downstairs was habitable.

So here’s the start of our renovation story…

Starting with THE KITCHEN.

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