Once upon a bedtime…

Once upon a bedtime…

Once upon a bedtime there was a little boy named Sebastian….

…who really hated bedtime.  Like REALLY hated it. Only drifting off in our arms after protesting and constant eye poking (our eyes, not his).

The co-sleeping. Yes we have co-slept, don’t hate me, but only for a little while and then Daddy would scoop him up and place him, ever so gently into his cot. To be on the safe side a bit of white noise to drift him off into a deep deep sleep to dream of food, puppies, milk, iggle piggle and whatever else a nearly 18 month old dreams about.
oh so lovely helen

We’ve pretty much cracked the ‘getting him to sleep in his own cot’ routine. I say pretty much because it’s not 100% foolproof that when his head hits the pillow, boom, a blissful nights sleep until 8.00am. Because it isn’t. Unfortunately he doesn’t have an off switch….. and every now and then, usually around 5am, he’s back in our bed for pre-dawn snuggles.

He doesn’t have a set bedtime either. It can range from as soon as he is in his car seat from nursery at 5.30pm (when he is sooooo exhausted – thanks nursery) up until 8.30pm when he has probably eaten something he shouldn’t have. #sugarrush
The routine we have at the moment is pretty simple. Bath, milk, a quick snuggle and a play in his cot with his best mates, Elmo, Woody and Derek the bear. There’s sometimes a book involved but that usually gets grabbed and he reads, sorry chews, it himself.

oh so lovely helen

He now has his own pillow and duvet set. To think he ever fitted in a zip up sleeping bag. Bedtime wouldn’t be complete without sleepwear. Sebastian is now in his own big boy pyjamas. No more sleep suits!  At nearly 18 months old, 12-18 month clothing is a bit of a tight squeeze and 18-24 is on the big side so he’s often found part naked in the morning from wriggling his pants off!

Sebastian has a better sleepwear collection than I do and it’s all about the dinosaur print these days. Glow in the dark dinosaurs. Rocket ship flying dinosaurs and obviously friendly dinosaurs.

Processed with VSCO with e3 presetProcessed with VSCO with e3 presetProcessed with VSCO with e3 preset

On a good night Sebastian can sleep for 10 hours so his sleepwear needs to be super cosy and comfortable.  We LOVE JoJo Maman Bébé. Not do they have a fantastic collection of clothes but their pyjamas and sleep suits have been a firm favourite since Sebastian was a mere 10 weeks old.

oh so lovely helen

Within Sebastian’s JoJo Maman Bébé dinoasuar collection he has some glow in the dark pyjamas that are totally roarsome… I mean who doesn’t want to be seen in the dark?? It saves us turning ‘the big landing light on’ when he stir’s…

oh so lovely helenoh so lovely helen

He has some pyjamas ‘just like Daddy’s’*. These are his super ‘big boy’ pyjamas and are unbelievably soft meaning they are gentle against his delicate skin.

oh so lovely helenoh so lovely helenoh so lovely helen

And for when he’s dreaming about becoming an astronaut… he has ANOTHER pair of glow in the dark jim jams!

oh so lovely helenoh so lovely helenoh so lovely helen

Sebastian is sure to have a magical bedtime adventure with his JoJo Maman Bébé  collection.
Sweet Dreams….

* FYI Daddy has checked pyjama bottoms and NOT a dinosaur top!

This post is in collaboration with JoJo Maman Bébé. They kindly gifted me these totally roarsome pyjamas for this review.  As always comments and photos are my own.
Further information about JoJo Maman Bébé can be found here.

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