One Line a Day || 2017 through Sebastian's eyes

One Line a Day || 2017 through Sebastian's eyes

Twenty Seventeen. The year you turned ONE. The year you took your first steps. The year you ‘found your nose’. The year you ate paint. The year you had your first hair cut.
This year saw you change from baby to toddler…. and I have documented every day. Every single day. Through your eyes.
Just before Sebastian was born I bought myself a ONE LINE A DAY journal. I wanted to document every minute of my little boys life. In all honesty I thought I would cave after day seven BUT six hundred and sixteen days later I haven’t missed a single day.
I wrote it through Sebastian’s eyes and it’s a bit cheesy but here goes…..
January 1: Today I am 253 days old. I have 2 teeth plus 2 poking through. I can sit up and roll over. I smile at everyone and laugh when things aren’t funny.
January 9: Today I started nursery. I am full of a cold and my keyworker rung mummy to check if i was ok as I am usually so happy. Mummy was excited to pick me up but I gave her an evil look.
January 16: Today I missed nursery as i’m still full of a cold. Nana looked after me. She thinks I’ve ‘found my willy’. She made me homemade fish pie and I had plenty of naps.
January 25: Today I did a 3 second swim at swimming. Mummy doesn’t think I’m ready for an extra second just yet.

February 7: Today I had my 9 month review with the health visitor. I weigh just over 23 lbs and I’m 7.5 cm tall and on the 91st centile. She said I’m doing well and that I will be a big boy. We know that!
February 14: Today is Valentines Day. I made mummy a love heart card with my feet. She will cherish it forever. I made all my lady friends a Polaroid picture with me looking super cute.
February 16: Today I CRAWLED! OMG! Grandma and Grandad looked after me today and I crawled about 5pm. Daddy was there but mummy was on her way back from work!
February 25: Today I had my first haircut. (We are not counting the time Nana cut my fringe). I got a certificate and a lock of my hair in a little keepsake bag.

March 11: Today I went on a swing for the first time. I absolutely LOVED it. I laughed and smiled and showed everyone my 7 teeth. Yes 7!
oh so lovely helen
March 26: Today it’s Mothers Day. I made mummy a fox cub plate with my footprint. We had burgers, milk, bubbles and beer. The sun was shining and it was splendid.
oh so lovely helen

April 4: ‘If his poo is blue tomorrow don’t worry, he’s been eating paint.’
April 5: There was no blue poo. 4 poo’s and they were all perfectly brown! No swimming as it is half term so I went to feed the ducks with Nana and Grandad.
April 8: Today I went to Clarks to be fitted for my first pair of shoes. I am 3.5H.
April 23: Today I am 365 days old. A whole year has passed since mummy’s traumatic labour. We went to the zoo and ate ice cream and cake. It was a perfect day.

May 2: Today was my 12 month review. I weigh 24 lbs and I am 77 cm. They are really pleased with my progress (even though I am not walking yet). I got my first swimming badge today too!
May 8: Today at nursery I have been trying to stand up everywhere. I also fell on my bottom and bit my tongue but i’m ok. Daddy gave me a bath and guess what….. I tried to stand up in there too!
May 20: Today I WALKED! Not on my own but with my wooden walker. It was only a few steps but I did it!

June 16: I now know what the word ‘no’ means. I either start crying or I do whatever I was doing wrong again and then I shake my head.
June 19: Today it was so so hot and it was Fathers Day! We headed into Manchester to see the Manchester Parade.  I was fascinated by the floats and the drums.

June 23: I have a new trick. If you ask me where my nose is I will point to it! Mummy has been constantly asking me where it is!

July 1: Today I stood up unaided. I stuck my bum in the air and lifted myself up. I wobbled and then fell down. Is this the start of my walking adventure?
July 15: Today I stood up on my own in the middle of Nana’s living room for 5 whole seconds before I came crashing down on my bottom.
July 26: Today I climbed up onto Nana’s coffee table, got onto my knees and waved my arms in the air! OMG!

August 2: Today I said BYE! As clear as anything and I waved my hand. Mummy keeps saying it but I’m not saying it again.
August 10: Today I went to the park with Eve. I was walking with her pink stroller. I was so confident. I fell over a few times though.

September 1: Today I went to the hairdressers to get my fringe trimmed. Nana tried to do it but it was all wonky! I look cute.
September 17: Today I saw an armadillo and a meerkat. I was fascinated. I fell over on the park and bit my lip. There was blood everywhere!
ribby hall
September 26: I have a new word…. CHOO CHOO! Like the noise Thomas the Tank makes!
September 30: Today we went to get some new shoes but I protested having my feet measured. I didn’t want my tea either so I had Jelly for tea in Ikea.

October 8: Today I shouted ‘OH NO’ as clear as anything. I’ve repeated the words ‘no’ and ‘bye’ all day. Mummy wonders what my voice will be like.
October 16: I have THRUSH on my widgywoo! Oh no! Nursery thinks it is caused by my banana medicine! Mummy has covered by ‘bits’ in yogurt to help it reduce.
October 21: Today I had a coffee date with Auntie Nat Nat. I showed her my many animal noises. I can ‘woof’ like a dog and ‘quack’ like a pigeon. Yes you read that correctly. A pigeon!
October 27: Today I have been walking around Nana’s with a plastic jug on my head. It’s my new hat. I look hilarious!

November 8: I have been practising my animal sounds. Mummy showed me a picture of Elmo and I said Elmo!
November 11: Today I thought it would be funny to wear Nana’s high heels and stomp around her living room. Everyone was laughing!
November 15: We have decided to give my swimming lessons up. I really haven’t enjoyed them this term so no more Wednesday splashing.

December 1: Today I went to the dentist. Mummy thought I would scream but I happily sat there while the dentist stuck her fingers in my mouth.
December 4: At nursery everyone was sat down singing. I refused and pulled out a chair, sat down at the table and demanded my lunch. Auntie Nat Nat said it was hilarious.
December 9: It’s snowing! Mummy sat me on the window ledge and I said WOW and watched it fall in amazement!
oh so lovely helen
December 25: Its Christmas Day! My second Christmas. We visited Nana and Grandad in the morning and had our dinner at Grandad Chris’. I had my own plate of food but I didn’t want it.

So there you have it! Twenty Seventeen through the eyes of Sebastian. I am so glad I persevered with this journal. Who knows if I will keep it up for another exciting, adventure-filled year!
Here’s to 2018!

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