So you want to start your own blog?

So you want to start your own blog?

It’s been eighteen months since I started this online adventure of mine and I thought I’d write a little about my experience so far, for any of you out there wanting to take the plunge into ‘bloggerhood’.

First off I am in no way shape or form an expert. I took the plunge one day and the rest is history.

The main reason I started blogging is I wanted to take my Instagram addiction to the next level. I messaged a few fellow ‘grammars and they told me to just go for it. I felt vulnerable and a little embarrassed. Hey I was putting my private life out onto the internet. What would my friends and family think? In the end I thought F**k it and I set up on the 8th June, 2017.

I wanted my blog to focus on parenting or to be more precise, a blog focussed on parenting the shit out of motherhood. After looking at numerous blogging platforms I chose It seemed pretty to easy to navigate. I’m a MySpace child, so if you could navigate round that then you are already winning. I started off with the free version of WordPress as I didn’t want to jump in at the deep end, fail and be £80 out of pocket.

The theme choices were not the greatest on the free version plus you have to have a long domain name – (rolls of the tongue doesn’t it). I had my heart set on the Olsen theme which was a premium theme. In the end I caved bought the premium wordpress package.

My friend Ellie created my logo and for twelve months I was a kinda girl.

Twelve months flew by and it was time for renewal. The wordpress premium package was ok but it had its limitations when it came to themes and plugins so after careful research I went ‘self hosted’ – the only downside is that I had racked up a hell of a lot of page views over twelve months which obviously disappeared. So in a way it was like I was starting from scratch. I apologise for all my recent self-promoting status updates on Facebook. I’ve got seventeen thousand views to get back!

Going self hosted meant moving my content over to I’m not an idiot when it comes to HTML but I didn’t know where to start. A lot of other bloggers use pipdigTheir selection of themes are quite minimalist which I loved and if you bought a theme they would do the migration / installation for you for FREE! I didn’t have to do anything other than get a company to host me.  I chose siteground and picked the Culture Shock Pipdig theme. Pretty isn’t it!

Once installed I played around with some deigns in photoshop and I made my own namestyle header in the font and coral colour of my dreams! 


And thats it! Easy peasy! The hardest thing it getting the bloody content written!

Having a blog has opened up so many doors for me and my passion for photography has without a doubt developed over the past eighteen months! As well as parenting I write about our family travels, interiors and there are a few Instagram ‘rant’ related posts. I try not to plan posts unless I have been given a deadline.  It’s not my career so I don’t have to be strict. It’s just a bit of fun. More so a hobby.

If you’re dreaming about it then do it. After all you too could be invited to a party hosted by a Spice Girl in your third month of blogging.



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