He’s a rad dad || A hipster dad || A backpack kinda guy…

He’s a rad dad || A hipster dad || A backpack kinda guy…

Picture the scene…. you’re out shopping and have an arm full of clothes that need to be tried on… you thrust your beloved Mullbery ‘Del Ray’ over to your husband, ‘hold this, i’ll be ten minutes‘ and you disappear into H&M’s changing rooms. Rolling his eyes he stands outside for twenty minutes, gripping the handle with his thumb and forefinger, nodding to all the other men who feel just as awkward as him and generally being uncertain regarding the whole ‘bag holding’ etiquette…

It’s no surprise that when Sebastian was born Alex flat out refused to hold my neon pink ‘yummy mummy’ changing bag… (jokes, I don’t have one of those) but we did need to consider getting a more masculine changing bag for when Alex was to spend quality time with Sebastian.

Alex is a backpack kinda guy and after Instagram stalking other ‘rad dads‘ I came across PacaPod. With a variety of urban messenger bags, rugged off-road backpacks & boardroom ready satchels, we eventually found the perfect unisex bag.

The Picos Pack in black charcoal.

oh so lovely helenpacapod-4-e1504902107156.jpgOh so lovely helen

Retailing at £95.00, not only is the Picos Pack the perfect ‘hipster dad bag’ but it has a hidden secret…

All PacaPod bags feature a detachable feeder and changer pods inside the bags… plus a cute little pod to hold a dummy, handful of coins or a couple of biscuits.


Now any spilt milk can be contained! No more soggy nappies! #winning

If you’re too are a ‘rad dad’ then the Picos Pack with its brilliant 3 in 1 organising system is for you! We LOVE it!
This post is in collaboration with PacaPod. They kindly gifted me this ‘hipster dad bag’ for this review.  As always comments and photos are my own.

Further information about PacaPod can be found here.


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