How to change the font in your Instagram Bio

How to change the font in your Instagram Bio

I have been admiring Sammi Jefcoates Instagram for many years now. Mainly fan-girling over her A M A Z I N G  sense of style but also wondering how the hell she had a cool AF font in her bio…

Fear not. After scouring the world wide web I have found the answer…


Out of the 50+ font options available there is only a handful that I like.

I’m a bit of a typography snob to be honest…

In a nutshell type what you want and then copy & paste into your Instagram Bio.


How to change to font in your Instagram Bio

If you are new to Instagram and don’t know how to change your bio go to your Instagram profile, click Edit Profile and paste your new text into the ‘Name’ field, or into the ‘Bio’ section. Please note that you are currently limited to 150 characters in your bio.

Voila. You can thank me later!

change font in instagram bio

**PLEASE NOTE THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH ALL PHONES AND YOUR BIO MAY LOOK LIKE RANDOM GOBBLEDYGOOK ON SOME BRANDS OF DEVICES!** This process involves UniCode and you’ll might find that some websites / devices don’t use a unicode font, or if they do, the font doesn’t have all the characters required. In that case, you’ll see a generic “box” in which was created when the browser tries to create a fancy letter. This doesn’t mean there’s an error with this translator, it just means the website’s / devices’s font doesn’t support that character.


    • ohsolovelyhelen
      October 31, 2018 / 11:39 am

      Glad to help! x

  1. October 30, 2018 / 9:17 pm

    No way!! I’ve been wondering how the hell people do this! I assumed they had some sort of fancy agreement with Insta! 😂

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