Keeping the Kids entertained this Summer with NOW TV

Keeping the Kids entertained this Summer with NOW TV

Oh Summer 2018. You sure haven’t disappointed. Quality family time, copious amounts of Ice Cream, holidaying in Ibiza and plenty of weekend Day Tripping.

Sebastian is only 2 so we haven’t had to fill every day with a super fun activity. I don’t know how I’ll cope when he starts school and there’s 6 weeks of summer!! I’m all for sunny days but it does get a bit much, especially when Sebastian turns in to a hot, sweaty, cranky, ice cream obsessed little monster. I was glad when I opened the bedroom curtains this morning to be greeted by a little drizzle…

Cue a lazy morning playing with lego and watching NOW TV.


I blogged about NOW TV a few months ago when we road tested their new Smart Stick. As well as the Smart Stick, we’ve popped the NOW TV app on Sebastian’s tablet, so when it’s a miserable day like today he can watch his new favourite film. TOY STORY.

NOW TV ON IPADoh so lovely Helen x now tvoh so lovely Helen x now tvoh so lovely Helen x now tvoh so lovely Helen x now tv

NOW TV has 4 passes that will keep Kids of all ages entertained this Summer:
Kids Pass: Choose from 1000’s episodes of quality kids TV on demand with no adverts. From Spongebob and Octonauts to Rugrats and Bunsen is a beast. The kids pass is an absolute steal at just £3.99 a month. 
Sports Pass:  Cricket, Football, Golf… watch all your favourite sports over on SKY Sports –  Day, week and month passes available. We are waiting until the premier league starts to activate our pass.
Entertainment Pass:  Watch 11 of the best pay TV Channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky One, MTV and Nat Geo Wild. Perfect for teens or when the kids go to bed. 
Cinema Pass: We love our cinema pass. It’s jammed packed with Disney favourites such as Toy Story,  The Little Mermaid and my new favourite Moana. Bag yourself a 14 day free trial, then just £9.99 a month unless cancelled. No contract.

So if the weather is a bit of a washout over the Sumer holidays, subscribe to NOW TV and spend some quality time watching a family movie. To hell with it, grab some salt & sweet popcorn and make it a real treat.

This post is in collaboration with NOW TV. They kindly gifted me all 4 passes for this review. Further information about NOW TV can be found here.

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