Get in front of the camera mama || #yourtimeisnow. Own it.

Get in front of the camera mama || #yourtimeisnow. Own it.

Hey Mama, I love your Instagram feed but where are you? I ‘like’ your baby, your fancy shoes and your coffee but I never see your face. I see your husband, your mother and your friends but never you…

Rewind 12 months and that was me. I was non existent on my Instagram grid. I was always a bit nervous about showing my face in photos. Embarrassed to be more exact. I’d always be the ‘picture taker’. My old Instagram was filled with my American travels and my family. My feed lacked any personality.

I knew when I started my new instagram account that I wanted to make it more personal. I wanted reignite my passion for photography, to be brave enough to upload an inperfect photo from my iPhone and not give a s**t, to bring a sense community back to my ‘gram and to capture every single second of motherhood.  After all it’s my space, my journey and I want to own it. #mytimeisnow.


Solo snapshots are the hardest. A sense of vanity in my eyes. I’m in no way confident in my photos. I usually twiddle my fingers when someone passes by or look to the ground red faced. I have curves in places that weren’t there two years ago and my self esteem has taken a plummet as of late and my style. Well. What style?


I blog but I don’t see myself as a ‘blogger blogger’. I’m not a fashion blogger. A beauty blogger or an Interior Design blogger. I’m just Helen. An oh so lovely 33 year old mother and wife who likes to write down her thoughts, in her own little space on the internet. But I am a blogger and I need to own that status. 

Writing down my thoughts and feelings comes with its perks and quite often I get sent samples to review… but my heart stops and my anxiety kicks in. I see so many bloggers who absolutely nail this. For me it ‘lifestyle’ photography doesn’t come naturally. I am a creative person in my work life but I often put myself down. I shouldn’t feel embarrassed standing on the backstreets of Manchester’s Northern Quarter taking a photo of my wrist or patently standing by a wall (on a busy road) whilst Alex takes 57 photos of my arm. I am creative, I can do it and I need to own it. 


This is an honest post for all you mamas out there who need a little confidence boost. Snap it. Strut it. Boomerang it. Flick your hair. OWN IT.


More importantly GET IN FRONT OF THAT CAMERA MAMA. You’re not 33 forever.


This post is in collaboration with Adexe Watches and is part of their #yourtimeisnow campaign. They kindly gifted me the Freerunner – Petite Berries Watch featured in this post.

Further information about Adexe can be found here.


  1. Jules
    September 14, 2018 / 9:44 pm

    Absolutely love this. I feel every inch of how you feel, the struggle at being in front of the camera is real. I want and need to own it more too. Brilliant post honey. And you are a fantastic blogger. Can we please meet again soon?! Xx

    • September 17, 2018 / 12:54 pm

      Thanks so much darling! I’ll get there one day….
      Yes coffee date soon xxx

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