Musings of a two and a half year old…

Musings of a two and a half year old…

My child is hilarious. FACT.

There are moments when I can’t help but laugh. Moments when I really shouldn’t but I can’t help it. Moments when I have to ‘adult’ but I can’t help but smirk. He makes me laugh every single day with his witty comments and mannerisms. I used to document his daily life in my ‘one line a day’ diary but life got in the way. You can read all about babyhood here. Toddlerhood is a whole different ball game. Here’s why…

There have been plenty of fireworks in the sky these past few weeks that ‘pop pop next to Mr Moon’. When he hears them he shouts ‘oh my goodness’ with his hand over his mouth.

His favourite phrase is ‘no it’s naughty’ – I hold his hand but ‘it’s naughty’. I wipe his bottom and ‘it’s naughty’. I stroke his hair and ‘it’s naughty’. I get him dressed and ‘it’s naughty’.


He loves Cars the movie. Especially the red one… the red racing car… also known as ‘wrencar’ but how he pronounces it isn’t exactly appropriate for this blog post… think banker with a w! Oh the shame when he shouts it out loud at Tesco!

Last week he ate a whole pot of strawberry jam. Not a large one… maybe the size of two of those mini ones you have with your continental breakfast on holiday. Parenting at its best.

On the plane back from Spain he jumped onto my lap, fake honked my breasts and shouted boooobbbbies at the top of his lungs! I died inside.


He once ran up to me at nursery holding a giant bright pink piece of chalk… a giant phallic shaped piece of chalk. I laughed. Hard.

Everyday on holiday he asked to go home because thats where the bin truck was…

I often use the phrase ‘don’t lick it’.

He laughs when he farts.

He’s totally nailed how to count… 1, 2, 6.


When he sings baby shark he shout’s ‘Daddy Shark’ like a possessed demon.

I’m pretty sure he wishes Blippi was his father.

He often parades around the living room in my boots wearing only a nappy.

He once had a full blown convo with a snail.

He may be a Mr Sassy Pants but I wouldn’t change this journey for the world!


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